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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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what led to the delay? thanks for joining us tonight. >> we are in fairfax with the disturbing allegation about the delay. >> reporter: was the delay caused by county attorneys more concerned about protesting the financial interests of the county in a potential civil lawsuit? i talked to the commonwealth's attorney and he said he does not know why county attorneys made their decisions but tonight he said he's evaluating the case once, again, because now he has all the files he needed and asked for more than a year and a half ago. >> domestic... >> reporter: police officer talked in a straightforward tone explaining why he shot him. >> after a quick motion he brought both his hands down
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really quick near his waste and i pulled the trigger one time. >> reporter: that was 18 months ago and now the county prosecutor has resumed his investigation into the shooting after finally receiving the internal affairs report that the police department refused to give him. >> that seems to be evading the question and certainly not giving a clear answer to when our people knew. >> reporter: stewart was a witness and blames county supervisors for not stepping in to cooperate with the attorney. the washington post was told saturday that protecting county cost refers cough county -- the department refused to hand over documents. >> i would be disappointed if i
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was to find there was an interference because we were trying to prevent the county from having to respond to a lawsuit. >> reporter: it took letters from the chair of the judiciary committee to force the latest release of the report to the commonwealth's attorney. >> this particular incident does not warrant the convening of a grand jury, then no case fairfax county ever will. >> reporter: fissure told me he's scrubbing the files, taking out statements, because officers, when they speak to internal affairs investigations, the statements can't be used against them in a criminal proceeding. >> we'll request the supervisors create a new commission to
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review police department policies and in order to ensure better transparency. will we see snow? >> i think we'll see a little bit of snow from this system on thursday morning. let's look ahead. track the southern storm wednesday and thursday, two storms in the next 72 hours, and the best chance will be in southern maryland and more flurries are possible friday as another batch of arctic air rolls in. 6:00 a.m. on thursday, we may have to issue a yellow alert, pretty good light snow, and it could impact the morning commute. by 8:00, snow to baltimore down to d. c. and by 10:00, we see it beginning to lift away from us. by lunchtime, it's pretty much gone and some snow showers will linger.
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right now i do not disagree with these amounts. we'll come back and look ahead to another storm late in the weekend. >> thank you very much. this is a question a lot of us have been asking, who would beat a 95-year-old veteran to death inside his retirement apartment? >> yes. who? that is the question facing detectives tonight. we are live with what we though about this case so far. bruce? >> reporter: the victim's name is dan belvin. tonight, less than a month after celebrating his 95th birthday, he is dead, apparently from what police say was trauma to his upper body. fear at the randolph village senior apartments. neighbors want to know how the killer got into the 95-year-old's home. could the murderer be a friend or a relative? >> the building is pretty secure. you have to be buzzed in and there's somebody there in the front who sees. there's cameras there so, you know,
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maybe it was somebody that the victim knew unfortunately. >> reporter: he was a world war ii navy pilot who still had an active flight instructor's license up until last year. he had a little dog. a friend called the property manager monday morning worried because it has been a while since he had seen belvin. the manager looked inside the apartment and saw the veteran and called 911. police officers almost immediately determined that the death was suspicious. >> he was 95 years old. >> yes. >> reporter: a veteran. >> yes. >> reporter: gave his service to the country and then murdered in his own apartment. >> yes, in his own apartment.
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i'm a veteran, too, and god forbid. >> reporter: one of the former long-time veterans tells me was a super nice guy and until recently, he used to fly food and medicine in to communities that needed it. back to you. >> thank you very much. crime solver is offering a reward of up to $10,000 with any information leading to an arrest or indictment of whoever did this. a lawyer for a traveling nurse accused of sexually abusing patients at d. c. hospitals says he's innocent. kline rejected a plea deal today. the first incident allegedly took place at g. w. university hospital in may 2013, even though the hospital informed police and fired kline, and the board of nursing says
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they were never notified. the district is about to get a law legalizing marijuana, happening on thursday. this measure was approved by the voters last november and it allows adults to possess small amounts of marijuana in their private homes. >> you can use and grow marijuana in your home, so there is limitations, six plants in your home or up to 12 plants for multiple adults living in the home. i like the way the mayor said it, home use, homegrown. >> the mayor fully supports the initiative used and she'll send emergency items to the council prohibiting private businesses from allowing the public in for smoke-ins. a case of vandalism, a hate crime, and they said somebody
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walked in and tore up the place. the suspect destroyed a bookcase and other things and took off. nobody was hurt. police are talking to witnesses to get a description of the person who did it. next, see how a simple commute turns into a trip to the hospital with one heck of a story to tell on the way there. first, find out how a college student a promising future is
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diverting a partial shut-down, and they are at odds over a bill that would fund the department because it contains language that would block the president's executive orders on immigration changes. congress has until friday to renew the funding. closing arguments are underway at the murder trial of a former u.s. marine who was charged with killing chris kyle, and kyle's friends. an insanity plea was -- 19-year-old hussein is
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charged with sexually accounting a woman. they say he tied up a computer and hit her with a belt and the violence escalated when she bagged him to stop. the ground gave way without warning and sent two people down a ten-foot hole, happening in south korea. they were taken to a nearby hospital with minors injuries. the sinkhole was found next to a construction site for a high rise apartment building. they are looking to see if that has anything to do with friday's incident. >> could the storms in the ou
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only on 9 tonight a wusa 9 investigation reveals public school employees or contract workers investigated for child sex abuse are exploitation. what have we found? >> reporter: this is upsetting to parents on many levels. first, the fact there's clearly sexual predators working in local schools. at least one jurisdiction appears to have a history of miss handling cases. in montgomery county alone we
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uncovered 20 school employees investigated for child sex crimes in just the last four years and some of them have even been moved around from school to school within the system. here is one parent's reaction to our investigatioxsn. >> it's heart wrenching, horrifying, appalling, absolutely unacceptable and every parent watching this should be filled with outrage. >> we have also learned that montgomery county maintain a confidential watch list. we'll have more at 11:00. we've suffering from unseasonably cold weather, very little moisture, and we are keeping an eye on storms to the south that we hope stay in the south. >> we might see a little moisture from that storm on thursday, just in time for the morning commute. it's 28 degrees downtown, and no
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records tonight but certainly well below average. the average high, 48 degrees, so nobody made it above freezing today. the radar over the past hour or so, you can see all the snow clipping the northern neck and also southern maryland. we could have more snow to fall on thursday. headlines? not as cold tonight, hard to believe we're saying that, even though temperatures fall into the teens and 20s. bus stop temperatures, 18 degrees to 28 degrees, and cold on wednesday but tomorrow will be the mildest day of the week as we hit the 40s. i think the flakes will fly with this system brushing from the south and a cold system from the west. between the two you should see
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a couple of snowflakes on thursday, perhaps an inch or less. at 10:00, temperatures in the low 20s, so the temperatures do not fall as fast tonight but it's plenty cold. by morning, in the 20s, maybe even some teens. by 1:00, you can walk to lunch. temperatures, upper 30s with sunshine, a little wind, and, again, it's probably the most comfortable of a day we're going to have in the week. advancing into the future, thursday morning, here comes the snow, pretty good snow, even out to the west. it's surprising the computer is producing so much snow out to leesburg. places like norfolk, they might see more than a foot, so we're lucky we're just getting grazed, or
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not lucky. advancing it, we may have to issue a yellow alert. be advised that snow could fall on your morning commute on thursday. by 10:00, it's pretty much gone across the bay, east of 95, and snow will fall across the mountains thursday night and friday. 18 to 26 degrees tonight and tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and 18 to 35 degrees, by afternoon, partly cloudy, and the highs will be in the 40s. so 20s to start, 31 by 9:00, and 36 by 11:00, and we're closing in on 40 by one. the next three days, light snow
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on thursday, more flurries on friday, and the seven-day forecast, saturday, cold, sunday, chilly, and still watching moisture that might get in here just in time for the cold air leaves completely, and rain on monday and tuesday. terp action, plenty of it. >> yes, it could be an epic game. plenty of excitement. they are gearing up for arguably their most important game of the season and the fans are ready. we have live
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>> >> wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity! >> a big sports day here in the d. m. v. the wizards look to get out of their slump but will have to do it against hosting golden state. we are in florida where the nationals are gathering, but let's start in college park for an important and sold-out game at xfinity center. >> reporter: we are here on the college park campus of the university of maryland and it's crazy in here. everybody is here, espn, big tens in ten
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networks and that's how you know it's a big game. maryland is good at home, an 8-0 record, and they want to keep that streak going. they want to keep their home streak going, and mark knows it's all about the dominating statistics. >> whenever you get the number one in front of your name, number one in fewest fouls and turnovers per games, so those two things right there are what make them who they are. >> i'm just excited for the opportunity for our guys to match up against some of the greatest teams and players in the country. >> reporter: what happens here tonight, if maryland can have a win, it will have an
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influence on their seeding. look for student speed have a little surprise to you during the game. we'll have it all for you coming up tonight at 11:00, here on wusa 9 sports. >> it will be fun. thanks. they are looking to play spoiler as the badgers could clinch the title with a win tonight. let's head to florida, the final report day for the washington nationals, and that's where we find dave with sunshine and sports, please! >> reporter: it's a mild day and quiet here in florida, but behind me, earlier on the field, ryan taking more 1st base rld the reporters his hamstring and shoulder feels fine, great news to hear about the 1st base man, but pitchers and catchers dominating the scene, the main attraction, no doubt about that. nothing like hearing the old catcher's mitt pop and that's what we heard jordan zimmermann was saying, one of the
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headliners, and next to him, gio gonzales, and he told me after practice today that his shoulder issues are a thing of the past! >> i wanted to come to spring training and be stronger and more focused. it was just one of those things that i don't want to make last year determine my reputation. >> i think the greatest thing for him is the second half, the way he responded coming out of that injury and being able to go back and get back out and get done what he wanted to get done. >> reporter: night is falling here and we'll have more coming up at 11:00. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. before we let everybody go, i want to announce a great scholarship opportunity, our toyota let's go places scholarship.
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have you decided what game you are going to watch? >> it's a tough night, if you are a basketball fan. >> yes. we have a lot going on. >> come hang with us! >> you may have to kick me out! >> that's all for our news at 6:00 right now. stay with wusa 9 for the cbs evening news, which is next. >> we're back in 30 minutes for your only local news at 7:00. we'll see you again! ♪ [
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>> pelley: tonight the v.a. secretary answers for falsely saying that he served in special forces. >> that was wrong and i have no excuse. >> pelley: dozens are injured when a commuter train hits an abandoned truck. cbs news investigates-- is safety compromised when some airline pilots fly longer hours than a federal limit allows? and senior power. meet one gold medal grandmawith a message-- >> i'm old. if i can do it, get with it. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, the man brought in to restore credibility to the department of veterans affairs had some explaining of his own to


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